May 29th, Los Angeles, CA – Battle of Souls is an action-packed card battle game that combines what is great about the deck-building genre without being locked into starter decks or randomized booster packs. Why should collectors that can afford better cards dominate games? Battle of Souls equalizes the playing field and injects the purity of deck building strategy back into the game. Choose from a multitude of legendary historical warriors and pit them against one another in a battle of souls!

No Limit Games came up with the vision for Battle of Souls card game in 2015. The premise was to create the same feeling you gained from a standard “trading card game” but without the “pay to win” mechanism. Much like the game Othello, we wanted a play style that was challenging, easy to learn, has great replayability, and was fun without having to hunt down rare cards.

While we understand and appreciate that aspect of the trading card game market, we also felt there was an alternative approach that was lacking. Battle of Souls’ major selling point is that there are no starter decks, pre-constructed decks, or randomized booster packs. In some games, players that cannot afford to buy the expensive rare cards have a hard time playing against players with decks worth several hundred dollars. Battle of Souls’ concept is to remove the need to purchase overpriced single cards and hundreds of randomized booster packs with
hopes of getting the rare items they need in order to compete. Instead, with Battle of Souls, each set box that a player gets will contain all of the cards for that specific warrior group. Our game will be focused on the players’ deck building skills instead of how much money they put into the deck.

Playing the game is simple. Build your 40-60 card deck using no more then 4 copies of any single card and no more then 3 legendary warriors. Shuffle and start playing. In the game you have 7 types of cards: “Fighters” – Warrior, Elite Warrior, Warlord, & Legendary Warrior. “Support” – Tactics, Equipment, Battlefield.

The Warrior class cards don’t require anything special to play them. You can deploy one fighter per turn. When your warrior gets 3 kills then you can sacrifice it for an Elite Warrior. After 5 kills on your Elite Warrior you can sacrifice it for a Warlord. After 7 kills on your Warlord, you can sacrifice it, plus an Elite Warrior and a Warrior for a Legendary Warrior. Equipment and tactic cards can be played as many as you desire per turn, (up to 6 can be active at the same time). Lastly only one battlefield can be active on the entire field.

From our initial idea to the game we have today has been a process of refining through playtesting and feedback at numerous in-stores and conventions. Our goal was to have the game be focused on the player’s deckbuilding skills as opposed to how much money they have to build the perfect deck. We think we have met that goal.

This game was also shown on the Boardgame Babylon YouTube Channel:

The Kickstarter launched on May 29th, 2018. It will run for 40 days, ending on Sunday July 8th, 2018 with a goal of $11,000. The rewards each include our deluxe box that contains both Samurai and Viking sets in one box.

Boardgame Babylon Volume 104 – Q&A with Vlaada Chvatil


Our convention year here in Southern California ends with Strategicon’s Gateway 2013 over the Labor Day Weekend. This year, we had another great guest to enjoy at this show. Vlaada Chvatil, one of the most innovative and varied designers of the last two decades, was kind enough to join us from the Czech Republic. He was a wonderful, popular guest whose ludography was widely played at the show – from Through The Ages to Galaxy Trucker, Space Alert, Dungeon Lords, Mage Knight and his new title, Tash-Kalar, we had a great turnout here to celebrate Vlaada’s games. He also joined me for a Q&A session, which we recorded for the podcast. We hope you enjoy it!

Boardgame Babylon Volume 103 – Q&A with Scott Alden, Lincoln Damerst, & Nikki Pontius – Part 2

Boardgame Babylon v103 – Q&A with Scott Alden, Lincoln Damerst, and Nikki Pontius – Part 2

Gamex 2013 was waaaaay back in May and somehow it took me until August to get this show out. Sorry about that but things at BGB have been pretty busy.

Anyway, this is the rest of the conversation we had when we were honored to host Scott Alden, the man behind and the convention for its fans, joined us as our Guest of Honor. And we were also lucky enough to lure GameNight Hosts and Producers Lincoln Damerst and Nikki Pontius over to talk about all kinds of game stuff. Listen in to the latter half of the conversation to hear more GameNight secrets (‘those aren’t bongs!’) and more about the hobby in general with these three welcome guests to BGB.

And we’re just about a month off from hosting Gateway 2013 Guest of Honor Vlaada Chvatil. I’m going to endeavor to release that show while we’re still at the convention. There may be one more show in the interim, too, if I can get my possible co-host together for it. To whet your appetite, I’m calling that show “Gamer Dad Epic Fail”. 

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GameNight Geek List

Aldie recently added a geeklist on with links to all of their episodes. You can find all the shows you might have missed in one place here.

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