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Since 2005, Boardgame Babylon has been a leading voice in board game design, news, and history through its award-winning podcast of the same name. Our editorial staff has decades of experience in game design, reviews, play-testing, and organizing successful events for companies and industry organizations.

Now, BGB is excited to offer new services to the game industry as well as individual businesses looking to improve their workgroups through the power of play. BGB can help you:

  • BGB Presents can help you advertise your game on BGB podcasts, website, and the Secret Newsletter. Contact us for pricing details on text links in the newsletter or audio commercials on the BGB podcast. Ads on the website are also available. Please note that BGB does not offer paid previews or reviews.

  • BGB Consults can assist board and video game companies with their design efforts by bringing decades of experience to a consultation arm for US-based board game companies to develop stronger products for international markets that focus on detailed gameplay and manageable playtimes and an independent spirit to video games that will help large companies break into the lucrative Indie game market.

  • BGB Editorial helps designers and publishers with their rulebooks and instructions. BGB has a top-notch editorial team with long years of technical writing experience and a deep knowledge of board games to help companies large and small always release an easily understandable set of rules. Avoid the need for errata and players that give up on your game because they cannot understand the rules.

Boardgame Babylon Review Policy

  • If you would like to send a review copy of your game, please send in an inquiry first to see if BGB would be interested in your game. If so, we will let you know the shipping address and if you let us know the timing for your release, we can do our best to accommodate your promotional window.
  • Boardgame Babylon reviews may come in the form of a written review, a podcast reference and maybe brief mention and a link in the Newsletter. At this time, we do not produce video reviews. There are too many of those already and Eric has always believed he has a great face for podcasting.
  • Please do not send Print n Play versions of games without prior approval. Eric has to REALLY want to play a game to PnP it. That hasn’t happened very often.
  • If we decline a review copy of your game, paid advertising is still an option as long as your game suits the BGB audience.

Boardgame Babylon Disclaimers

  • BGB is an Amazon Affiliate. If you purchase items from a link in our content and purchase, Amazon pays BGB a very small percentage of the sale (no additional cost to you). BGB reserves the right to add links for other companies with similar programs.
  • BGB does not sell your email address or contact details to other parties under any circumstances. You may receive paid promotion in the form of text links in the Secret Newsletter but we promise there won’t be much and it does not affect our editorial efforts.

10 thoughts on “BGB Services

  1. I’m the creator of Space Madness, a new cooperative storytelling board game inspired by campy sci-fi horror movies from the 70s. I’ve designed and play-tested the game in San Francisco over the last 6 months. I’m just trying to get the word out. Thanks!

  2. Would you guys be able to add an RSS feed of your podcast to the website? it makes it much easier to know when you post new casts.

  3. Chad – Thanks for the feedback. We’ll definitely get one going. Our automated feed shouldn’t be hitting your RSS reader. Is it?

  4. Hi Guys,
    My Name is Leonard Boyd and I am one half of Backspindle Games, a small idependent game publisher based in Northern Ireland.
    We published Guards Guards a Discworld Boardgames In 2012 and I wanted to give you guys a heads up on our latest release which has just gone live on Kickstarter.

    Codinca is a beautifully simple but fiendishly strategic abstract board game. It has been well recieved at the UK games Expo and a pre-release edition sold outfor us at Essen last year
    There is a free Print & Play version available to download from the KS page. Please check it out.
    We would be keen to hear any feedback you or your followers may have
    Thanks & regards
    Leo Boyd.
    Creative Director
    Backspindle Games Ltd.

  5. I’m launching Nightlancer, a competitive cyberpunk game, on Kickstarter soon. Would you be interested in including an announcement of the launch in your newsletter? If so please get in touch to discuss details.


  6. Hello,

    My name is Paul and I just released my game Castle von Loghan on Kickstarter.

    I would like to know if there’s any possibility for me my game to receive an article or a mention on your social media.

    KS Link :

    Tabletopia (also on Tabletop Simulator) :

    Press Kit :

    Thank you kindly

    Paul Toderas

    1. Hi Paul – Yes, we can definitely carry your press release and promote on our social accounts. Please send a note to us at and I will get this scheduled.

      Also, if you want a formal review, our editor has approved the game for review if you would like to send a pre-release copy. Let us know.

  7. Good Morning,

    I am reaching out today because i checked out your website and thought it was very relevant to my new business we just opened up! It is an online dice shop and we carry a wide variety of cool and unique dice pertaining to all types of gaming.

    Anyways, I was wondering if there is anyway that you would be willing to share our site with your readers. We would love to send you a free set of dice to review. If there is anything else we can do to get your support please let us know!

    Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to hearing back from you!

    The Dice Emporium

  8. Hello,

    My name is Kelvinkit. I am a designer from Hong Kong.

    Recently I have created a KICKSTARTER Project called “TRICK OR TREE” , it is a Handmade Magnetic Wooden Blocks Toy & Game.

    Welcome to have a look in our kickstarter page :

    It is a Cognitive Activity Game, design in 4 playing features: Color, Shape, Number, and Balance. Can also be Creative Artwork for Decoration. Through “Trick or Tree”, children can learn while playing with the blocks; elderly can exercise their brain through the game; adults can challenge one another with witty calculations and tactics.

    And if you like it, please help to share this Kickstarter project !!

    Although its my first time in Kickstarter Campaign, i really hope this project can be success, this game is so unique and can benefit to many users.

    Kickstarter Campaign period: Oct 31st to Dec 31st, 2018

    Thank you very much!!


    Kelvinkit Design Co. Ltd.
    “Let’s go back to our roots and re-connect with our loved ones by Trick or Tree”

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