Book Review: Of Dice & Men by David M. Ewalt

In a way, I’m surprised I bothered to read this book. I haven’t really played role-playing games since the 80’s, […]

Unspeakable Words comes back via Kickstarter

Unspeakable Words is coming back in the form of a Kickstarter. It’s a solid filler and the new edition looks […]

Press Release: Stronghold Games Announces Space Cadets: Away Missions

Launching As A Kickstarter Project – Featuring As Many As 100 Plastic Miniatures New Jersey, USA – January 19, 2015  […]

Movie Review: The Next Great American Game by Doug Morse

In a way, I find it difficult to write review of these films about the board game industry. Having spent […]

New Year Board Game Round-Up

New Year’s Board Game Roundup Enjoy a selection of some of my favorite recent board game articles. It’s fun to […]

Russian Railroads Wins 2014 DSP Award!

BGB says: Russian Railroads wins the DSP. While a good game, I found it unexciting and don’t see it winning […]

Bang! The Dice Game – missing the mark (Review) | Bang! The Dice Game | BoardGameGeek

BGB says: The Grand Poobah does not approve of Bang: The Dice Game but, for me, it’s all the Bang […]

GameNight! 2014 Spiel des Jahres & Kennerspiel des Jahres Special | BoardGameGeek | BoardGameGeek

The good folks at Game Night! talk the SDJ and Kennerspiel games with predictions! GameNight! GameNight! Tonight on a special […]