Last Minute Shelf-Clearing Sale – Strategicon Pickup TOMORROW

Email me at: boardgamebabylon AT gmail or on BGG at Sheylon to confirm a purchase:

NIS – New in shrink, LN – Like New, VG – Very Good, (G)

$5 each or 3 for $13
* Al Cabohne (VG)
* Bomb Squad Academy (NIS)
* Brutal Kingdom (VG)
* Flickago (G)
* Kreus (VG)
* Lord of the Fries – Steve Jackson Version (VG)
* Monster My Partner (NIS)
* Saboteur (VG)

$10 each or two for $17
* Andromeda (2015) (LN)
* Apollo: A Game Inspired by NASA Moon Missions (NIS)
* Einfach Genial: The Card Game (NIS)
* Goblins, Inc (VG)
* Honshu (VG)
* Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama (LN)
* Libretto Star Wars – Import (LN)
* Monster Expedition (LN)
* Reign The Final Battle Royale (LN)
* Sacred Rites (LN)
* The Battle for Kemble’s Cascade (VG)

$20 or two for $35
* Cupcake Kingdom (NIS)
* Eketorp (VG)
* Fire and Axe (NIS)
* Holi (LN)
* The Island of El Dorado (NIS)
* Le Havre (LN)
* Meeple Circus (LN)
* Res Arcana Expansion: Perlae Imperii (NIS)
* Steel Driver 2nd Ed (LN)
* The Temple of Elemental Evil Board Game (VG)
* World of Warcraft: Lich King Pandemic (LN)

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