Essen Spiel 2014 Roundup

Essen Spiel 2014 Roundup

Essen Spiel 2014 Roundup

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A Bipolar Gamer at Essen: 2014 edition

by Philip Thomas Another year, another Spiel. As with the previous essen entry this is more about games than Bipolar Disorder. Unlike last year, Neil was doing a stint demonstrating games on Saturday, so had to be in Essen for 2pm on Wednesday for training purposes. Which meant leaving London at 4.30am.

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The expansion – only published in Germany as far as I know – is very, very good. It adds one-way walls as well as three special one-time abilities: a felt wizard’s hat (cause another player to miss a turn), a wooden vial of potion (move until you reach your destination or hit a wall), and a wooden magic wand (get rid of your destination chit & draw a new one).

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October 2014 roundup

by Garry Lloyd With it being Essen month, in October, I managed to play 35 games of 30 different titles, 17 of which were new to me. Great family gaming fun. Ciub – a dice game of developing your dice pool and rolling to achieve objective cards. Versailles – Interesting worker movement game that I quite enjoyed my half game of, but not enough to pick up at Essen.

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Dale Yu – Essen 2014 – What’s in my bags (I think)

OK, so my record keeping system kind of failed me this year, and as I’m recounting the week on the flight back, I realize that I don’t necessarily know everything that I picked up. I was in the middle on the plane on the way back, and I was anticipating about a 30 minute wait to get processed thru customs.

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